The CKP Group is a diversified business concern with global operations valued at over USD 1 billion. Headquartered in India, the Group’s offices and subsidiary companies are strategically situated in the key hubs of the global economy - including Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Group's track record can be traced back to 1995, when operations started with a civil and infrastructure construction company in India. Since, the Group has expanded into multiple geographies while focusing on five key sectors:

  1. BFSI
  2. Electronics
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Renewable Energy
  5. Textiles

A total of 11 concerns operating under the Group's umbrella combine to generate annual turnover figures exceeding USD 300 million. While the Group uses its financial strength and geographical reach to create high-volume trading opportunities, it is also active in innovative sectors such as renewable energy that will power the future. The Group is currently exploring Europe with the aim of setting up a base in the continent that will help it link new markets in innovative ways.

The CKP Group sets new benchmarks in financial transparency and corporate governance. It recognizes that global reach and sizeable portfolios come with responsibility to shareholders, business partners, regulators and customers. The Group wants to be known for its stringent corporate governance standards

The Group requires its business activities to be profitable and drive revenue, but we also want them to benefit consumers and people the world over. We put in a lot effort towards creating sustainable economic and social value by finding new efficiencies and empowering new consumer and business audiences.


"To be recognized as a thoroughly modern, diversified organization that contributes to global economic productivity and is considered a best in class partner to do business with."


"To promote the values of efficiency, transparency, corporate governance and ethical and compassionate behaviour in daily operations and all our dealings with stakeholders."